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Connecting Home and School: Preparation of the Home Environment

By Rhonda Lucas-Sabater Happy Spring!  It is always very refreshing to the spirit to see the buds on the trees, the new flowers showing off their vibrant colors and hear the birds chirping overhead.  With this sense of renewal that comes each spring, it is always a good time to pause and reflect on our goals and plans.  It is also a wonderful time to do some spring cleaning—de-cluttering, re-arranging and taking stock of what we have, and what we can let go of, so that we can make room for what is to come. Washing Leaves In this blog, we will take a look at connecting the home environment with the prepared environment in the classroom by offering you some suggestions on how you can prepare your home environment to encourage your child’s participation in taking care of it.  These activities fall under the umbrella of the Practical Life area in the Primary classroom and they reflect the most basic and simple things that we do to exist and to maintain our environment—preparing f

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